Kedai Singapura, Bali

Kedai Singapura, Bali

I always have a thing for Hainanese chicken rice. Even before I moved to Singapore, I had been a regular consumer of chicken rice in my hometown. After Surabaya and Singapore, now let me introduce you to Kedai Singapura, a place to get decent chicken rice in the island of gods, Bali. It is situated on Jl. Uluwatu, just across Warung Mami.

Photo 2-3-17, 11 09 27Before I start talking more about their chicken rice, could we say yay to this free stuff? Upon seating, the staff will serve a glass of plain hot tea to guests as welcome drink.

Photo 2-3-17, 11 11 00Ice Chocolate Milo – IDR10,000
Although I was already given a glass of free tea, Bali’s effin’ hot weather was still unforgivable that I needed to get something to cool myself down. This usual iced Milo was so delightful to consume during the daytime.

Photo 2-3-17, 11 14 54Photo 2-3-17, 11 15 34Photo 2-3-17, 11 17 57Photo 2-3-17, 11 15 14Nasi Ayam Hainan Komplit Panggang (Paha) – IDR45,000
The roasted chicken thigh came with a bowl of soup with lettuce and diced tofu inside, veggie, half boiled egg, and my favorite ginger dipping sauce yum! The chicken meat was so tender and well-marinated. The rice was slightly oily but that’s what made it delectable. I felt full eating this chicken rice set.

In my opinion, Kedai Singapura’s chicken rice is by far the best one in Bali. The price for a plate of chicken rice here equals to the one sold in Singapore hawkers ($4.50), which is not very cheap for Indonesian standard. But I guess the price is worth paying since I heard all ingredients are directly imported from the Lion City to ensure the authenticity of the dish.

Jl. Uluwatu II/168
Ruko Kalimas Arcade, Jimbaran
Bali, Indonesia 80361
IG: kedaisingapura
Opening hours: 8am – 9pm (closed on Mon)

Kedai Sabindo, Surabaya

Kedai Sabindo, Surabaya

Kedai Sabindo is one of a few places in Surabaya that serve authentic Malaysian food such as roti canai and nasi briyani. One day, I had breakfast at Kedai Sabindo in Darmo area with my cousin’s family. The location is kinda tricky to find since it’s not located on the main road, but as long as you have GPS you will be fine haha.

teh tarik peng 9k sabindoTeh Tarik Peng – IDR 12,000
Wow, they actually pulled the tea until the froth spilled haha (forget about clean and neat serving ah). Nonetheless, I like Sabindo’s teh tarik. The tea taste was strong without being thoroughly sweet.

roti canai 6k sabindoRoti Canai – IDR 6,000
The roti canai was crispy outside yet soft and airy inside. It’s served with a small plate of curry, which was not spicy, thankfully.

sabindoKare Ayam – IDR 14,000
My uncle and I agreed that the curry was yummy, so we ordered additional portion of chicken curry. The chicken was tender and big-sized.

roti tissue keju milo 17k sabindoRoti Tissue Keju Milo – IDR 18,000
This gotta be the most unique-looking dish! Textured like a crepe, the roti was rolled in a cone shape and served upward. It was fun to share as each of us just needed to ‘pinch’ the roti to get a bite of it lol. There was some grated cheese and Milo powder sticking on the inside part.

Overall, Sabindo serves pretty good food, enough to cure my Malaysian food craving. It really lives up to its slogan: ‘buanyak, murah, uenak’, which literally means ‘big in portion, cheap, delicious’.

Jl. Simpang Darmo Permai Utara 5
Surabaya, Indonesia 60226
IG: kedaisabindo
Opening hours: 8am – 11pm