Hello there my beloved readers!

Well, to be honest I’m not sure how do I begin this section. Perhaps a simple introduction will do. My full name is Ariella Cahyaningtyas, but people usually call me Ariella or Ella (this nickname is used by those who have known me for quite long, and they will continue with ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, under my umbrella *referring to Rihanna’s Umbrella song*). I’m kinda thankful for having a non-mainstream name, at least it is enough to confuse people on how to pronounce it *evil’s grin*.

I was born in 1996 in Surabaya, Indonesia. I graduated from James Cook University Australia (Singapore campus), with a Bachelor’s degree in Business. I majored in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Management (double major). After living for 3 years in Singapore, I went back to Indonesia and started shaping my career haha. Currently, I work full-time in an international college in Surabaya. I really love to eat (food is life!) and my friends are jealous of me since I cannot gain weight despite having eaten a loooootttt. I also don’t know why, but I tell you, I actually have a big appetite deep inside.

Okay before I start getting off-track, let me end this post. Hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it (and if you don’t, just quickly close the tab okay haha).

Much love,

FXEI1058.pngPS: a few selfies won’t hurt right? I put my selfies here so this post would not look so plain without any pic lol.