The Fat Turtle, Bali

The Fat Turtle, Bali

The Fat Turtle is a small cafe that serves all day breakfast, desserts and coffee. It is located on Jl. Petitenget next to Deus ex Machina shop and opposite Potato Head Beach Club main gate. When I visited this cafe, 90% of the guests were foreigners – suddenly I felt like I was somewhere in Australia haha.

The atmosphere was very laid-back. The sofa where I sat on was plied with coffee bean sack and I love how they converted a sewing table to a dining table.

Mocha – IDR28,000

Sadly enough, my hot mocha wasn’t very pleasant despite the beautifully crafted latte art. The caffeine wasn’t kicking enough and the chocolate flavor was faint.

img_1203-1Red Velvet Pancakes – IDR55,000
The Fat Turtle cafe is famous for its red velvet pancakes so I made sure to try it on my visit. I understood why. Major love for the pancakes! They were super fluffy and the cream cheese was not overly cheesy, just the way I liked it. There were only 4 pieces honeycomb but dayum I was a fan – they kinda reminded me of Garrett’s caramel popcorn. The vanilla ice cream and the chocolate soil created a perfect match together. Not just delicious, the presentation was a winner too, although the cream cheese slipped off the pancake when it was served haha. To my surprise, triple stack of pancake was more than enough to refuel my tummy.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time here. The pancake was just too good and I would definitely come back for it! If you are a sucker for pancake, The Fat Turtle is a place you simply cannot miss when you are in Bali.

Jl. Petitenget 886A, Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia 80361

IG: thefatturtlebali
Opening hours: 8am – 6pm

우주를 건너 (Across the Universe)

우주를 건너 (Across the Universe)


When I wait for you alone, it’s like I’m on another planet
From here to where you are, how long it will take?
I wonder, but can’t imagine
Come over to me a little faster
It’s so dark here for me without you
Here I am with my arms wide open, ready to hug you anytime

Come across the universe between you and I
Would you like to come over to me?
Fly over to me
Don’t keep me waiting any longer
I’m waiting for you now
Baby I need you now

When I see you far away, it’s like we have different thoughts
How long am I supposed to wait here?
I wonder, it’s just frustrating
Come over to me fast now
It’s so gloomy here without you
Hands held tight, I’m all ready not to lose you

Though it seems like far away
Your shadow is just within my grasp
Want to hug you tight, feel what I feel
Won’t let you go, I’m waiting for you now

Come across the universe between you and I
Would you like to come over to me?
The space between you and I, the universe in between
I will fill it up with you
Come over to me
I’m waiting for you now
Baby I need you now

Sung by Yerin Baek (백예린)
Translation credit to JYP Ent.

Cloud Cakes, Bali

Cloud Cakes, Bali

If Bangkok has a unicorn cafe, Bali has one too! In Level 21 Mall, there is a cafe called Cloud Cakes that will help channeling the girly side in you. Decorated with white and pastel pink colors, it’s definitely irresistible for every girl (including me!) not to take pictures here. I could not help but repeating the word ‘cute’ throughout my stay.

Photo 12-13-16, 17 59 48Judging from the name ‘Cloud Cakes’, you are right to guess that this cafe sells sweet stuff. Besides, it also has a few kinds of savory food like rainbow spaghetti (yes, you read it right, the spaghetti here does look colorful) and sandwiches.

Photo 12-13-16, 18 12 13Thai Milk Tea Bobba – IDR25,000
The drink was served inside a ‘light bulb’ and adorned with cotton candy on top. Cotton candy made everything prettier indeed, but to be honest its stickiness really bothered me. The Thai tea was actually good, but the pearl given was too little!

Photo 12-13-16, 18 05 52Left: The Simpsons – IDR6,500
Doesn’t the donut remind you of The Simpsons movie? Taste-wise, it’s just okay – not fantastic but I’m not complaining either.

Right: Panda Pie – IDR6,500
I didn’t get why it was named pie when it looked more like donut with vanilla glaze and Oreo garnish haha. If you are a fan of Oreo, this one is made for you.

Photo 12-13-16, 18 12 56Photo 12-13-16, 18 21 35Photo 12-13-16, 18 14 21IMG_3637Photo 12-13-16, 18 11 43Photo 12-13-16, 18 07 56IMG_3633Cloud Cakes is a place where your fairy tale dreams come true. If you are a fan of cotton candy, pastel color and unicorn, you really cannot miss a visit to this cafe. If you bring your boyfriend here, don’t forget to thank him for bearing with his disinterest while accompanying you. Kidding!

Level 21 Mall, Ground Floor
Jl. Teuku Umar 1, Denpasar
Bali, Indonesia 80113
IG: cloudcakes_
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Kedai Singapura, Bali

Kedai Singapura, Bali

I always have a thing for Hainanese chicken rice. Even before I moved to Singapore, I had been a regular consumer of chicken rice in my hometown. After Surabaya and Singapore, now let me introduce you to Kedai Singapura, a place to get decent chicken rice in the island of gods, Bali. It is situated on Jl. Uluwatu, just across Warung Mami.

Photo 2-3-17, 11 09 27Before I start talking more about their chicken rice, could we say yay to this free stuff? Upon seating, the staff will serve a glass of plain hot tea to guests as welcome drink.

Photo 2-3-17, 11 11 00Ice Chocolate Milo – IDR10,000
Although I was already given a glass of free tea, Bali’s effin’ hot weather was still unforgivable that I needed to get something to cool myself down. This usual iced Milo was so delightful to consume during the daytime.

Photo 2-3-17, 11 14 54Photo 2-3-17, 11 15 34Photo 2-3-17, 11 17 57Photo 2-3-17, 11 15 14Nasi Ayam Hainan Komplit Panggang (Paha) – IDR45,000
The roasted chicken thigh came with a bowl of soup with lettuce and diced tofu inside, veggie, half boiled egg, and my favorite ginger dipping sauce yum! The chicken meat was so tender and well-marinated. The rice was slightly oily but that’s what made it delectable. I felt full eating this chicken rice set.

In my opinion, Kedai Singapura’s chicken rice is by far the best one in Bali. The price for a plate of chicken rice here equals to the one sold in Singapore hawkers ($4.50), which is not very cheap for Indonesian standard. But I guess the price is worth paying since I heard all ingredients are directly imported from the Lion City to ensure the authenticity of the dish.

Jl. Uluwatu II/168
Ruko Kalimas Arcade, Jimbaran
Bali, Indonesia 80361
IG: kedaisingapura
Opening hours: 8am – 9pm (closed on Mon)

Cosmic Diner, Bali

Cosmic Diner, Bali

Want to feel the American dining sensation in Bali? Head to Cosmic Diner, a restaurant that brings you back to the retro era in the 60’s. Cosmic Diner has 3 outlets in Bali: Sunset Star, Lippo Mall and Sanur Arcade – this time I visited the Sunset Star outlet. Since it is an American diner, the food served here is American staples like burgers, pastas and shakes, plus some all-day breakfast items.

IMG_5738IMG_5741 (1)IMG_5739IMG_5740
I sat on the second floor and it was nearly empty that time (which was good, so I could ask for the staff’s help to take as many pics as I like since they weren’t very busy – what an excuse huh?). I really like the interior, every corner here just looks so photogenic! The checkered tiles, vintage knick-knacks and retro background music transported me back instantly to the 60’s era. I’m a 90’s kid, but somehow I felt so nostalgic!

Iced Nutella Latte – IDR30,000
This drink was a disappointment as I could barely taste any Nutella flavor. Furthermore, the serving was small for the price paid.

Fettuccine Meatball – IDR65,000
Thankfully, the food turned out great. I enjoyed the sour and savory tomato sauce and the juicy meatballs made of premium Australian beef. The Grana Padano cheese on top added extra yum to the overall dish.

Overall, I enjoyed my solo lunch here. They got nice retro ambiance, decent food and pleasant service. I really look forward to the opening of American-style diner like this in my hometown Surabaya!

Sunset Star
Jl. Sunset Road, Legian
Bali, Indonesia 80361
IG: cosmicdinerbali
Opening hours: 10am – 11.30pm

Canopy Garden Dining, Singapore

Canopy Garden Dining, Singapore

Canopy Garden Dining is an eatery nestled in the middle of the serene Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2. It serves a wide range of dish from breakfast to dinner time. Recently, I went there for a catch-up session with my friends.


We took a bus from AMK Hub to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2. I have only been to Bishan-AMK Park 1 to eat at GRUB, so this ‘second park’ was new to me, although both parks looked similar. After alighting, we still had to walk under the blazing hot sun to reach Canopy. It was exhausting, but at least the scenery was nice enough to refrained me from complaining lol.

The place was neither empty nor crowded – just nice for a peaceful brunch session. Of course we skipped the alfresco dining experience as we needed some aircon comfort lol.

Refillable warm water was provided free of charge. Unless Singapore got winter season, I would prefer to have iced water instead haha (I just couldn’t stand the heat outside!).

Salmon in Broth – $21
The salmon was pan fried and served on a bed of mashed potatoes mixed with leek, lettuce, green peas and veggie-bacon broth. The salmon was a tad dry on the outside, but it still retained the tenderness inside. The mashed potato was soft and the broth tasted savory with a hint of porky goodness.

Corned Beef Hash – $12
Presentation-wise, bluntly speaking I don’t like it at all (just look at those tomatoes that seem to appear out of nowhere). The corned beef was mixed inside the mashed potatoes yet it wasn’t beefy enough. The dish in general was slightly dry too. Give it a miss.

Canopy might be an ideal spot for you to relax after a leisurely stroll in the park. It suits those who fancy dining in the middle of lush garden. However, I gotta say the food wasn’t impressive, neither was the service. One of the staffs looked like she wanted to shoo us asap, and that was enough to leave us annoyed. Some other staffs also didn’t quite show sincerity in serving us, so they really needed to work on this matter.

Ending this post with some pics we took around the park.

Cornerstone is another eatery right next to Canopy. It looks like an ideal place to chill, so maybe I shall give it a visit next time?

1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2
Singapore 569931
IG: canopygardendining
Opening hours: 9am – 10.30pm (Mon – Thu) // 9am – 11pm (Fri) // 8am – 11pm (Sat) // 8am – 10.30pm (Sun)

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Singapore

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Singapore

Finally, I got a chance to visit Hello Kitty Orchid Garden at Changi Airport. I was really excited to try this place as I’d never been to any Hello Kitty Cafe before, not even the one in Jakarta. Hello Kitty Orchid Garden opens 24 hours a day and it’s located in public area so non-travelers also get access to this place.

Actually my visit to this cafe was very long overdue, considering it had been around since mid-2016. Thus, the long queue was nowhere in sight since the craze had faded. Couldn’t be more thankful for it, coz you know, Singaporeans go crazy when it comes to Hello Kitty (remember how people would queue all night long in front of McDonald’s for Hello Kitty toys?).

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b552b30You can take pictures with is this giant figurine near the entrance. The Kitty was wearing two ribbons haha!

photo2b2-23-17252c2b162b372b10photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b532b07I had been told about the mediocre-yet-overpriced food at Hello Kitty Cafe, however, it didn’t deter me from trying. I’m neither a fan of Hello Kitty nor pink color, but still, this cafe looks so cute and Instagenic to me. Just like the name, this cafe is decorated with orchids and a lot of Hello Kitties (duh) – it makes you feel like being in an indoor garden. Elegant but not too much.

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b502b22Wanted to sit on the swing but wouldn’t it be inconvenient to eat that way? Haha.

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b512b43You’re the Berry Best Tea – $6.50
The name of the tea sounds cute yea haha. The tea was served in a cute teapot with a piece of Kitty-shaped butter cookie.

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b512b58photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b522b13Leaning Tower of Kitty – $24.90
This was my friend’s order which I didn’t try as I was too engrossed with my cake haha. Joking, I was too full from the airplane food I had beforehand. It was Japanese bread with smoked salmon, cheese and arugula, topped with mustard mayo. Anyway, I like how they presented the salad in a glass vase.

photo2b2-23-17252c2b162b292b31photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b502b36Pink Velvet Cake – $8.90
I’m not a fan of pink color but I acknowledge this cake looks so cute, especially with that mini Kitty head on top. Unfortunately, this cake didn’t taste as good as it looked. It tasted just like normal sponge cake with buttercream, couldn’t find anything special about it except the sweet pinkish color.

Overall, I gotta say this Hello Kitty Cafe is something you could enjoy as long as you don’t expect too much from the food. If you are bored of waiting for your flight, you can drop by and relax here, as it conveniently opens for 24 hours.

Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 3 Arrival Meeting Hall Central, #01-22 (Public Area)
65 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819663
IG: hellokittycafesingapore
Opening hours: 24 hours