Calibre Coffee Roasters, Surabaya

Calibre Coffee Roasters, Surabaya

Today I drove my mom to a coffee shop near my house called Calibre Coffee Roasters (actually it’s not so near la, given the fact that I still needed to drive haha). Frankly speaking, this was one of those rare occasions that I went to a cafe with my mom. Normally, I would go with my close friends or cousins since we’re already clicked – thus, we could spend a few hours together without looking awkward.

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This cafe is strategically located in the heart of Surabaya and majority of its patrons are youngsters. There are indoor and outdoor areas – outdoor area is suitable for smokers. Calibre occupies the space of a colonial-style house, whereby the front part has been converted into a hipster-looking cafe.

These hanging lightbulbs add more hipster feeling to the cafe.

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When I saw some seats upon the windowsill that had a view to the main road, I immediately ‘chope’ them before proceeding to the counter for ordering process. Taking a glance at their menu board, there are not many options of heavy meal, but the usual cafe fares like sandwiches, salad, French toast, pasta, and cakes on display are available.

calibreShaken Iced Tea – IDR20,000
Not just ordinary iced tea, it was shaken iced tea (hence the frothy surface). My mom didn’t expect it to be that plain, she thought that some sugar had been added beforehand haha.

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Caffe Latte – IDR30,000
A trip to a hipster coffee shop is not complete without getting a dose of caffeine to sip. The latte art looks kinda vague. I took my first sip and it was pleasant. It carried a good ratio between acidity and milkiness. However, my mom complained that it’s too acidic for her liking, as she had been accustomed to drinking instant milk coffee lol. Therefore, when a cup of freshly-roasted coffee was given to her, she was surprised of its acidity. I’m no coffee connoisseur, but I think it is safe to say that my latte was enjoyable.

Spicy Beef Bacon Penne in Tomato Cream Sauce – IDR55,000
I shared this pasta with mom since we were both too full to get each of us a main course. I was underestimating their food – I initially thought that cafe food would be mediocre. But when they said it’s spicy, they really meant it. The spiciness was no joke for a non-spicy eater like me, but mom said it tasted fine.

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Choco Oreo Mille Crepes – IDR35,000
This mille crepe was supplied by Lareia, I suppose? It had super soft texture, chocolatey taste and sweet Oreo finish. Definitely no regret paying IDR35,000 for this!

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Was it awkward to actually spend time in a coffee shop with mom? Not really, she could be a pretty good photographer and we could chat about random stuffs while consuming the food haha. Sitting next to the big window glass is really helpful to add natural lighting to my photos. Furthermore, it’s an enjoyment for me to see what’s happening on the road outside and do people-watching. The atmosphere is homey and laid-back with some blues and jazz tunes playing in the background. The service was okay, although I felt that the counter staffs could deliver more eye contact to customers. Cafe hoppers, do give this place a try!

Jl. Walikota Mustajab 67-69
Surabaya, Indonesia 60272
IG: calibrecoffeeroasters
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Thu & Sun) // 10am – 11.30pm (Fri – Sat)

Kedai Sabindo, Surabaya

Kedai Sabindo, Surabaya

Kedai Sabindo is one of a few places in Surabaya that serve authentic Malaysian food such as roti canai and nasi briyani. One day, I had breakfast at Kedai Sabindo in Darmo area with my cousin’s family. The location is kinda tricky to find since it’s not located on the main road, but as long as you have GPS you will be fine haha.

teh tarik peng 9k sabindoTeh Tarik Peng – IDR 12,000
Wow, they actually pulled the tea until the froth spilled haha (forget about clean and neat serving ah). Nonetheless, I like Sabindo’s teh tarik. The tea taste was strong without being thoroughly sweet.

roti canai 6k sabindoRoti Canai – IDR 6,000
The roti canai was crispy outside yet soft and airy inside. It’s served with a small plate of curry, which was not spicy, thankfully.

sabindoKare Ayam – IDR 14,000
My uncle and I agreed that the curry was yummy, so we ordered additional portion of chicken curry. The chicken was tender and big-sized.

roti tissue keju milo 17k sabindoRoti Tissue Keju Milo – IDR 18,000
This gotta be the most unique-looking dish! Textured like a crepe, the roti was rolled in a cone shape and served upward. It was fun to share as each of us just needed to ‘pinch’ the roti to get a bite of it lol. There was some grated cheese and Milo powder sticking on the inside part.

Overall, Sabindo serves pretty good food, enough to cure my Malaysian food craving. It really lives up to its slogan: ‘buanyak, murah, uenak’, which literally means ‘big in portion, cheap, delicious’.

Jl. Simpang Darmo Permai Utara 5
Surabaya, Indonesia 60226
IG: kedaisabindo
Opening hours: 8am – 11pm