Canopy Garden Dining, Singapore

Canopy Garden Dining, Singapore

Canopy Garden Dining is an eatery nestled in the middle of the serene Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2. It serves a wide range of dish from breakfast to dinner time. Recently, I went there for a catch-up session with my friends.


We took a bus from AMK Hub to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2. I have only been to Bishan-AMK Park 1 to eat at GRUB, so this ‘second park’ was new to me, although both parks looked similar. After alighting, we still had to walk under the blazing hot sun to reach Canopy. It was exhausting, but at least the scenery was nice enough to refrained me from complaining lol.

The place was neither empty nor crowded – just nice for a peaceful brunch session. Of course we skipped the alfresco dining experience as we needed some aircon comfort lol.

Refillable warm water was provided free of charge. Unless Singapore got winter season, I would prefer to have iced water instead haha (I just couldn’t stand the heat outside!).

Salmon in Broth – $21
The salmon was pan fried and served on a bed of mashed potatoes mixed with leek, lettuce, green peas and veggie-bacon broth. The salmon was a tad dry on the outside, but it still retained the tenderness inside. The mashed potato was soft and the broth tasted savory with a hint of porky goodness.

Corned Beef Hash – $12
Presentation-wise, bluntly speaking I don’t like it at all (just look at those tomatoes that seem to appear out of nowhere). The corned beef was mixed inside the mashed potatoes yet it wasn’t beefy enough. The dish in general was slightly dry too. Give it a miss.

Canopy might be an ideal spot for you to relax after a leisurely stroll in the park. It suits those who fancy dining in the middle of lush garden. However, I gotta say the food wasn’t impressive, neither was the service. One of the staffs looked like she wanted to shoo us asap, and that was enough to leave us annoyed. Some other staffs also didn’t quite show sincerity in serving us, so they really needed to work on this matter.

Ending this post with some pics we took around the park.

Cornerstone is another eatery right next to Canopy. It looks like an ideal place to chill, so maybe I shall give it a visit next time?

1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park 2
Singapore 569931
IG: canopygardendining
Opening hours: 9am – 10.30pm (Mon – Thu) // 9am – 11pm (Fri) // 8am – 11pm (Sat) // 8am – 10.30pm (Sun)

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Singapore

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Singapore

Finally, I got a chance to visit Hello Kitty Orchid Garden at Changi Airport. I was really excited to try this place as I’d never been to any Hello Kitty Cafe before, not even the one in Jakarta. Hello Kitty Orchid Garden opens 24 hours a day and it’s located in public area so non-travelers also get access to this place.

Actually my visit to this cafe was very long overdue, considering it had been around since mid-2016. Thus, the long queue was nowhere in sight since the craze had faded. Couldn’t be more thankful for it, coz you know, Singaporeans go crazy when it comes to Hello Kitty (remember how people would queue all night long in front of McDonald’s for Hello Kitty toys?).

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b552b30You can take pictures with is this giant figurine near the entrance. The Kitty was wearing two ribbons haha!

photo2b2-23-17252c2b162b372b10photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b532b07I had been told about the mediocre-yet-overpriced food at Hello Kitty Cafe, however, it didn’t deter me from trying. I’m neither a fan of Hello Kitty nor pink color, but still, this cafe looks so cute and Instagenic to me. Just like the name, this cafe is decorated with orchids and a lot of Hello Kitties (duh) – it makes you feel like being in an indoor garden. Elegant but not too much.

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b502b22Wanted to sit on the swing but wouldn’t it be inconvenient to eat that way? Haha.

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b512b43You’re the Berry Best Tea – $6.50
The name of the tea sounds cute yea haha. The tea was served in a cute teapot with a piece of Kitty-shaped butter cookie.

photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b512b58photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b522b13Leaning Tower of Kitty – $24.90
This was my friend’s order which I didn’t try as I was too engrossed with my cake haha. Joking, I was too full from the airplane food I had beforehand. It was Japanese bread with smoked salmon, cheese and arugula, topped with mustard mayo. Anyway, I like how they presented the salad in a glass vase.

photo2b2-23-17252c2b162b292b31photo2b2-28-17252c2b192b502b36Pink Velvet Cake – $8.90
I’m not a fan of pink color but I acknowledge this cake looks so cute, especially with that mini Kitty head on top. Unfortunately, this cake didn’t taste as good as it looked. It tasted just like normal sponge cake with buttercream, couldn’t find anything special about it except the sweet pinkish color.

Overall, I gotta say this Hello Kitty Cafe is something you could enjoy as long as you don’t expect too much from the food. If you are bored of waiting for your flight, you can drop by and relax here, as it conveniently opens for 24 hours.

Singapore Changi Airport
Terminal 3 Arrival Meeting Hall Central, #01-22 (Public Area)
65 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819663
IG: hellokittycafesingapore
Opening hours: 24 hours

Churro101 츄러스, Singapore

Churro101 츄러스, Singapore

One day after school, my friend and I went to Bugis+ to walk around. We spotted an Instagenic spot on its rooftop. They had flowery gate, swing, and even Cinderella-style carriage! *launching my phone camera*

Went to Uniqlo afterwards since my friend wanted to look for a blazer. She didn’t get anything but we ended up taking mirror selfies there haha.

We continued roaming around Bugis+ until we saw a churro shop with an interesting tagline, ‘better than a boyfriend’. I became so eager to try it as I was curious of how good their churro could be haha. The shop is called Churro101 – it is a South Korean churros brand that had just opened its first Singapore outlet at Bugis+ (by the time this post is written, the second outlet has opened at 313@Somerset). I really like churro, but unfortunately there is a lack of churro shop in Singapore (my favorite local churro shop, Churrosity, has ceased operation already).

Ice Cream & Churro Set – $5.90
Churro plus ice cream is no doubt a hot-n-cold indulgence, so I opted for this combo. As for the churro itself, I chose the one with cinnamon coating. Frankly speaking, Churro101’s churro is probably one of the best churros I have ever tasted. The churro was quite long in size, probably around 20cm plus? The churro was crispy outside and fluffy inside, tasted so heavenly when eaten hot. The ice cream was just normal though – typical vanilla soft-serve which was no better than Mac’s.

I like the concept of open kitchen at Churro101 – it allows us to witness how the churro is made and decorated. The churro is fried upon order, so rest assure that you will not get the one that has been left cold. Anyway, I must admit it is still better to have a boyfriend rather than churro, but maybe churro can keep you joyful when your boyfriend is not around haha.

201 Victoria Street, #04-01
Singapore 188067
IG: churro101sg
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm


Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, Singapore

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, Singapore

Kim Gary is a restaurant from Hong Kong that had expanded its business to Malaysia and Singapore. It serves a combination of Chinese and Western food at affordable prices. When my friends and I came to its outlet in Vivocity, we had to wait in the queue for about 20 minutes to get our seats. It wasn’t even dinner time, in fact we got there at almost 9pm yet the queue was insanely long!

kim gary (2)French Fries with Seaweed Flavour
It was just normal fries with seaweed seasoning. The serving was meant for sharing.

Beef with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice – $9.50
I pretty much enjoyed this stir-fried sliced beef, broccoli, and sweet corn over white rice. The beef was juicy and tender, I liked it.

blogger-image--1547798689Teriyaki Chicken Chop Rice – $9.90
This rice bowl consists of fried chicken in teriyaki sauce, sunny side up egg and edamame. The teriyaki sauce was delicious. The chicken skin was obviously the ‘save-the-best-for-the-last’ part.

blogger-image-1372167211Fried Rice in “Yang Zhou” Style – $9.20
The fried rice contained some diced chicken, egg, and leeks. The portion was big, ideal to share if you are not very hungry.

kim gary (3)“Cap Kan” Nissin Soup Noodles
I didn’t get why my friend was willing to have this overpriced bowl of instant noodles with egg and meat haha. If I’m not wrong, it costs around $8 per bowl.

kim gary (4)Chicken Chop Burger
I also cannot remember the price of this burger, but I’m certain it’s not over $10. I found it quite value for money considering the filling portion. Anyway, the bun was dry so I stopped eating it halfway and just ate the meat together with fries.

kim gary (1)Peanut Butter Toast with Sweetened Condensed Milk
The peanut butter was generously spread all over the thick bread that was cut into a half. It was a good ending to my dinner.

Overall, Kim Gary is a good place to have decent Hong Kong-style meal. The food came pretty fast although the restaurant was full house. The food is reasonably priced too and you get what you’re paying for.

1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-128
Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm