Lantern, Bali

Lantern, Bali

Lantern is an Southeast Asian-inspired eatery located on Jl. Petitenget. It stays true to the process of making every dish from scratch and by hand using the freshest ingredients. When I came here for early lunch at 11am, this place was empty and there was only one in-charge staff.

photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b402b291photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b432b421The place looks cheerfully bright in white and yellow colors during the daylight. Although it has no aircon, the fans were cooling enough to me.

photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b412b081photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b412b381Thai Iced Tea – IDR30,000
The Thai iced tea came in layers, which means I need to stir it up before drinking. The drink was nice and I could taste the fragrant tea aroma. However, I don’t think the serving size justifies the price enough.

photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b492b391photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b492b201photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b502b111Holy Basil & Chicken – IDR65,000
Among all kinds of food – from Singaporean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai to Malaysian food – my pick went to Thai food. The portion was enormous! The minced chicken was given in an abundant amount and it was well-seasoned. The fried egg was the highlight of this dish – the saltiness level was just right. And the most important part, this dish wasn’t spicy unlike other versions of basil chicken that I had tried.

photo2b2-4-17252c2b102b492b531Bluntly speaking, the service had a huge room for improvement. I was a service staff intern in a 5* resort that puts hospitality above everything, so I see customer service as the most crucial element of an F&B business and I get irritated easily with places that implement service charge yet they can’t afford to deliver good service! Since the very first time I stepped inside Lantern, I saw no sign of welcoming. The staff pretended not to see me (I don’t know if she did it purposely or not) and acted if she’s busy with her paperwork until I approached her, asking sarcastically whether the restaurant had opened yet.

Well, that’s not the end. After my food had come, I politely asked her to help me take a picture. She just nodded her head, took 2 pictures of me, and went away. Yes, she went away without saying any word! Whereas, in some other cafes the staffs would gladly help me take pics and they would ask me to check the pics they took whether I was okay with them or I wanted a retake. They would wait until I finished checking, thanked them or asked for a retake and informed them on how to adjust the brightness, focus, and so forth until it fitted my desired result. I checked the pictures and they didn’t look nice. Too much exposure and not focused enough. You can see in my pic above that my face was only half bright – I’ve done my best to edit it. I was damn pissed off, what disappointed me more was the fact that I was the only patron that time – come on, are you that busy mbak?! I would understand if your place was crowded, but it’s not! If you’re in a hurry to finish your paperwork, that’s your own fault, why don’t you finish it before the restaurant’s opening time?! After I finished eating, the staff casually asked me ‘have you done?’. I just nodded and let her clear up my plate. Actually I wanted to ask for the wi-fi password from the very beginning but I decided to refrain myself from doing so upon receiving her frigid treatment. Lazy already.

Overall, I like the food and ambiance here, but my only concern is their service. PLEASE improve it, because in F&B business, good food means nothing without good customer service.

Jl. Petitenget 17, Kerobokan
Bali, Indonesia 80361
IG: lanternbali
Opening hours: 10am – 11.30pm