Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie, Bali

Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie, Bali

Have I mentioned before that I’m the type of person who eats dessert for lunch? I know it sounds weird but I obviously don’t mind just eating cakes instead of heavy meal. So this afternoon I visited Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie (the name reminds me of TWG Tea Salon) in Kerobokan area. The place was rather empty with only one group of ang mohs having brunch. After I had seated, a staff handed me a menu book and informed me that hot meals and some beverage menus were not available due to the blackout (yes they’re having power failure that time, no wonder it felt so hot as the place was supposed to be aircon-ed)!. That being said, I could only order their cakes and cold beverages like iced teas and mojitos. Oh well, I was disappointed but it wouldn’t be nice to leave – I thought it would be offensive to them lol.

photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b052b06Anyway, the place still looks pretty despite the blackout (luckily I came on the daytime, otherwise I would not be able to appreciate the beautiful interior in the dark right?). I sat right next to the window – enough to make me feel like staying in an old English house in the countryside haha. I adore the Parisian-style decor with turquoise pastel color – it looks so chic and enchanting.

photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b112b47The outdoor area looks narrow but Instagrammable

photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b122b28Ice Tea – IDR20,000
I wanted to have a cup of hot cappuccino or latte to go with the cakes but since hot drinks were not available, I got myself a glass of iced tea instead. The drink was forgettable but the presentation looked chio haha.

photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b112b35photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b142b10Nutella Croissant – IDR18,000
From the bread selection, my pick went to this Nutella croissant. The croissant itself has several variants like almond, Nutella, green tea and salted egg yolk. I wanted to have the salted egg one, but for the second time I was made disappointed for not being able to order it as they would need a microwave to re-heat the croissant. Okay fine. Even though it was not served warm, the croissant was still enjoyable. Besides having flaky skin, the texture was soft and slightly chewy. The Nutella filling was generous as well albeit not flowy as I thought it would be.

photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b112b56Green Tea Eclair – IDR32,000
Besides Nutella croissant, I got myself a piece of green tea eclair too because why didn't I indulge myself with the best of both worlds (I'm talking about Nutella and green tea here)? The choux was a tad dry for my liking. The green tea filling was clotted when I cut the choux but nevertheless it was delicious and it had a delightful green tea scent.

photo2b11-16-16252c2b112b082b50It was a good tai tai time spent at Angelita, although it would be much better if there wasn't any blackout haha. It was so awkward without any background music – the place was so quiet that even the staffs talked to each other whispering lol). The desserts were all good, if only they were not that pricey. I felt heavy-hearted paying 15% tax and service charge for two small cakes and a glass of iced tea *sobs*. But overall, I would recommend this place to visit when you are in Bali. Indulge in the princessy atmosphere and get your camera ready all the time as every corner is worth an Instagram post. FYI, they also have afternoon tea package on weekends (yup, it's available on weekends only – what’s the point of calling themselves a tea salon then haha).

Jl. Raya Kerobokan 10A
Banjar Taman, Kerobokan
Bali, Indonesia 80361
IG: angelitapatisserie
Opening hours: 8am – 7pm (Mon – Thu) / 8am – 8pm (Fri – Sun)

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