Panama Kitchen & Pool, Bali

Panama Kitchen & Pool, Bali

Introducing the new cool kid in Canggu: Panama Kitchen & Pool! From the outside, this place looked just like another takeaway drink stall but once I stepped in, the feeling was out of this world. In an instant, I was transported to Santorini. When my friend and I arrived at the place, a staff gladly welcomed us and she informed us that there was a minimum transaction of IDR70,000 per head, and with this amount we were allowed to enjoy the pool facility. Anyway, isn’t it amazing that we could visit three cities at once? The place is called Panama, it’s located in Bali and it looks like Santorini haha.

Photo 1-12-17, 11 56 42Photo 1-12-17, 12 30 24Photo 1-12-17, 13 08 46IMG_2848 - CopyIMG_2823IMG_2818This is the main dining area. The open-window concept makes the place naturally bright and breezy. The combination of white and soft blue color looks soothing here.

Photo 1-12-17, 12 16 47Photo 1-12-17, 12 11 34 (1)Photo 1-12-17, 12 16 39Photo 1-12-17, 12 12 10The outdoor area gives you a glimpse of how heaven looks like (I know it’s hyperbolic but yup, that’s how I felt). White walls, blue pool that makes you want to splash yourself in, lazy chairs by the poolside… Ah, I couldn’t afford (yet) to go to Santorini but for now let me pretend I was there lol.

Photo 1-12-17, 12 22 53.jpgIced Coffee with Milk – IDR30,000
It’s the only type of iced coffee available and it disappointed me as I wanted to have my regular iced mocha! It tasted awful and diluted. See that layer of water on top? Well, they are supposed to use espresso ice cubes instead of normal ones to prevent the ice cubes from diluting the drink.

Photo 1-12-17, 12 22 42Lemon Squash – IDR40,000
My friend said it was refreshing but a little bit too sour for her liking.

Photo 1-12-17, 12 21 54Photo 1-12-17, 12 21 44Pulled-Pork Benedict – IDR55,000
Panama’s breakfast menu is available from 7am to 1pm. For her late breakfast, my friend had this eggs benedict. Instead of using baked ham or bacon, Panama’s rendition substitutes those two with pulled pork. The egg is served with side salad consisting of pineapple, watercress, red radish and Al Pastor dressing. Eggs ben could be hit and miss, but there was a weird sourish taste from the pork, so it might not be my hit. Nonetheless, it was an okay dish.

Photo 1-12-17, 12 22 16Photo 1-12-17, 12 22 32Early Net Catch – IDR65,000
There is nothing more satisfying than having a full-plate breakfast; however, I somehow regretted ordering this. The scrambled eggs and bacon were dry, the toasted bread was stone-hard, and the sausages were too salty. The only saving graces were perhaps the nicely-sauteed mushrooms and the sweet corn on the cob.

Photo 1-13-17, 03 02 51Sorry I couldn’t hold back my ‘sian’ face haha

IMG_2813Photo 1-12-17, 13 08 04IMG_2735I super love every corner in Panama, they seemed to call me to Instagram them! As long as you don’t set your expectation too high on the food and just come to have fun, I guarantee you’re gonna have a splendid time here. Kudos to the staffs too, they were all friendly (in fact I enjoyed chatting with them) and always ready to help you with your photo-takings.

Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa 13, Canggu
Bali, Indonesia 80361
IG: sunofpanama
Opening hours: 7am – 10pm

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