The Lawn, Bali

The Lawn, Bali

The Lawn is a cool hang out place in Canggu with picnic-on-the-grass concept. The grass field has an unobstructed view of the beach, making it a great spot to catch the sunset. While relaxing, you can enjoy some food and drink. On our off-day, I dragged my friend here as I wanted to pose with The Lawn’s Insta-famous swing; however, to my disappointment, the swing was under renovation (or it had been taken out?).

Photo 1-12-17, 15 34 15.jpgThe green grass seemed like calling me to just sit on it and relax all day

Photo 1-12-17, 15 40 41Photo 1-12-17, 15 40 45They also have semi-indoor and rooftop areas – how cool is that?

Photo 1-12-17, 14 24 18Complimentary lemon-infused water was served to us right after we were seated. To be honest I didn’t like the infused water, somemore it wasn’t served cold ugh. Since it was free stuff, I couldn’t really complain.

Photo 1-12-17, 14 18 29Photo 1-12-17, 14 18 40Peanut Butter Banana – IDR40,000
Forget about coffee! Since we were chilling by the beach, I thought it was the norm to order something fruity. I got myself PBB smoothie, which was a mix of banana, peanut butter, dates and vanilla ice cream. It’s damn good, I swear. I supposed they used almond mylk or some other dairy-free ingredient as it tasted distinctive. Not forgetting the fact that it’s healthy and protein-packed as well.

Photo 1-12-17, 14 19 47Maca Maca – IDR60,000
My friend ordered Maca Maca, which was made of blueberries, maca powder, almond milk, dates and honey. FYI, maca powder is made of maca root (some kind of Peruvian ginseng), and it’s gaining popularity as superfood and supplement. The blueberry flavor was dominant in this drink. My friend said it tasted weird at first but eventually turned nice after a few sips lol.

Photo 1-12-17, 14 20 17
My #lifegoal is actually to look naturally happy in every picture haha

The food and drink here are expensive but I guess it’s okay to indulge and enjoy life once in a while haha. I didn’t stay here until sunset, but I would obviously like to give this place another visit to catch the sunset. Do come early to chope the prime spot for sunset-watching!

Jl. Pura Dalem, Canggu
Bali, Indonesia 80361

IG: thelawncanggu
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm

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